How do you prevent the app from being abused?

iKeyMonitor can be used only for legal purposes. We have added various limitations to prevent abuse:

  • iKeyMonitor can only be installed Manually
    iKeyMonitor can only be installed manually. It can not be installed automatically by sending an email or visiting a website.
  • Require physical access to install
    Installation of iKeyMonitor requires physical access to the target device. To install it, users need to reach the phone or computer’s hardware.
  • Require proper authorization
    Users must have the unlock code or administrator password for the phone or computer to install the monitoring software.
    An icon will be displayed on the top Android status bar or on the home screen(iOS) by default after install, which can be disabled from settings. Users can choose to display it or not according to their parental control needs or employee monitoring policies.
  • Identity verification
    We will verify the user’s identity by email, phone number, or payment info.

Is it Legal to monitor children, employees, or spouses?

Children (Mostly Legal)

In most countries, it is legal for parents to monitor their children’s phones and computers since they are responsible for their children’s safety.


In the US, employers may generally monitor office computers and phones with a few restrictions. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the laws of California require that all parties to any conversation are informed that they are being recorded or monitored.

Illegal Monitoring (Spouses, Friends)

In the US and many other countries, monitoring spouses without their permission is illegal. Moreover, the information obtained through illegal monitoring will not serve as evidence in a court of law. So, while knowledge typically is power, in this case, it can be a limited power.