How to Start iKeyMonitor Affiliate Marketing?

The step-by-step guide shows beginners how to start iKeyMonitor affiliate marketing and feasible marketing methods to boost traffic and conversions.

In this guide:

  1. Get Started
  2. How to promote iKeyMonitor?
  3. How to boost traffic and conversion?

1. Get started

Whether you are a blogger, YouTube Channel author, influencer on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms, or a person with a sales channel, we warmly welcome you to join the iKeyMonitor affiliate program.

Who can join the affiliate program?

  1. Bloggers
  2. YouTube Channel authors
  3. Influencers on social platforms
  4. Anyone with a sales channel

How it works

  1. Join the affiliate program
  2. Get text links, banners, or QR codes
  3. Add links/banners/QR codes to posts or videos

Text links

You can add your affiliate link to related words or buttons in the content. When a visitor follows a link from your site, it will be tracked as a referral with your affiliate ID. You can use the following HTML code:

QR code

Besides getting text links and banners, you can create a QR code of your affiliate link and insert it into your post or video. When your viewers visit the iKeyMonitor website by scanning your QR code, it will be tracked.

2. How to promote iKeyMonitor?

Create great content, such as guides, videos, and blog posts, to introduce iKeyMonitor to your audience and encourage them to try it. Several useful and practical methods are listed below.

Write a blog about Parental Control and Monitoring

  1. Parental control and employee monitoring topics
    Create a blog about parental control or employee monitoring, and build an audience of people interested in your topic. Make sure to include your affiliate link in your content.
  2. Reviews and Guides of iKeyMonitor
    Publishing online courses and guides about iKeyMonitor is a popular promotion method. You can create tutorials to show your audience how to use different iKeyMonitor versions properly.

Create a Video about iKeyMonitor and upload it to your YouTube Channel

Creating video tutorials or reviews can help you deliver value to your audience and drive more traffic to your affiliate link. Make sure to insert a QR code into your video.

Create a post on Facebook/Twitter etc

Suppose you are very popular on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms and have numerous followers. In that case, you can publish posts on these social platforms and add the affiliate link in posts.


If your website already has plenty of subscribers, you can write a newsletter to promote iKeyMonitor and send it to them. Include your affiliate link, banner, or QR code in the newsletter. Carefully design the content and layout of the newsletter. Send the newsletters regularly. They will drive direct traffic to your affiliate link.

3. How to boost traffic and conversions?

Try the tips below to optimize your content to get more traffic and conversions.

Split test landing pages

You can split-test the content and design of your landing pages to see which can help you get more referrals.

Write unique and useful content

“Content is king” is an often-cited quote in online marketing. Unique and useful content is the most important for your business. Take the following factors into consideration when you write the content.

  1. Create original content
  2. Create strong headlines
  3. Tell readers what to do
  4. Create engaging and thought-provoking content
  5. Insert images and videos
  6. Write short and pointed content
  7. Update your website or blog regularly
  8. Choose anchor texts wisely
  9. SEO friendly
  10. Error-free

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