Stopped working because of "bug"

I put the android’s weekly build apk on the target device and I have had no problems that I couldn’t fix on my own for well over a year now, but all of a sudden pretty much everything stopped working… I did the usual fix:
configure the needed settings or permissions.
This time when I turned the target device off and then back on to make sure it was good to go, a notification thingy popped up and said
" Something Went wrong with Internet Service
Internet Service closed because the app has a bug.
Try updating this app after it’s developer provides a fix for this error."

So, logically I thought that the regular one should work so I uninstalled weekly build and installed the regular one and I went through and did all the settings, but once again it just kept stopping and then the same thing popped up. Any fixes? Anyone else having this problem? Any help would be appreciated!

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Same issues. It’s frustrating paying for something that works only 65% of the time.


I was advised to download the beta version to fix this bug. It is back working since I did this, but who knows for how long.

Hey there!

Just wanted to remind you that we’ve uploaded a new beta version today with some bug fixes.
You can grab the beta version from the ikm-android download page in your panel.

Was this the error?

This was a newly installed version 2 days ago on Android 12…

Please get in touch with our support at
Provide your device and license information so that we can check the logs and offer a solution.

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